Brief Introduction of Apple Experimental Orchard

Feng Jia Yuan Village , Du Kang District, Bai Shui County

The total population of Feng Jia Yuan Village is 1,031 and 210 families. The total farm land is 1,700 mu; apple orchard is 583 mu. Most varieties are Fuji apples. Our orchard is certified by the province as a model orchard in 2005. The four new technologies have been used since 2001 and rapid progress has been made from the orchard. The average yield per mu was 2,500 kilogram and average income per mu was 3,000 Yuan (RMB) last year. The highest income per mu was 4,100 Yuan. The only apple income for whole village was 1,800,000 Yuan (RMB). The main technologies are below:

1) The great modification in prunning and improve light condition.

Cutting back, thinning branches, digging trees, removing the surrounding dirt walls are the main ways to improve the orchard condition to get more light in the apple trees.  The high quality apples are raised up from 47% to 85%;

2) Strong Bending Branches.

After great modification prune, the main branches are tied down to 90-150 degree. All branches are growing down. The E shape wires are used to open the branches. The fruits branches are in oblique angle or bevel shape;

3) The organic fertilizer is applied to raise up the nutrition level in the soil.

The 440 mu of orchard grass are planted and more than 2200 kilogram of organic fertilizer is applied in the orchard. The reduced usage of regular fertilizer has improved the soil quality and better nutrition to the apple trees;

4) The prevention, control plant diseases; elimination of pests, produce safe fruit.

7,000 apple bags are used per mu; 10 black lights with micro-biology and physical technology are used in the orchard in order to produce organic fruits. With the help of Hong Da Company, the organic orchards are established. The integrated prescription of organic fertilizer, purchasing, applying time and machinery usage are controlled.

July 19, 2005

1 US Dollar = 8.27 Yuan (RMB Chinese Dollar)

1 MU = 0.1647 Acre (1 acre almost equals to 6 mu; or 6 Mu equals to 0.9882 Acre)


Brief Introduction of the High Quality Demonstration Apple Orchard

An Le Village Rao He District Bai Shui County

The An Le village high quality demonstration apple orchard is located at 12 kilometer s s outh of Rao He District, Bai Shui County . The elevation is 850 meters; average water fall is around 590 mm per year. All the ground is yellow soil. The average sunlight is 2400 hour per year. 1320 hours are in between April and September; it has 55% of the sunlight hours in the whole year. The average temperature is 11.4 degree centigrade. January is about -2.8 degree centigrade. The average days up to 10 degree centigrade are in between 177-196 days. The accumulated temperature per year is in between 3342-4012 degrees centigrade. It is the best area for apple growing.

The basic introduction:

This experimental demonstration orchard is controlled by Apple Administration of Bai Shui County and San Lian Fruit Company. The Bai Shui Apple Research Center is in charge of the 4 technologies for apple growing. This orchard is also the city mayor model orchard. The total area is 1052 mu and 220 families are involved. The main fruits are Fuji and Gala.

Main measure:

(1) The main technology: conducted by horticulturists in Bai Shui County, 4 main measures are used, 1. Organic Fertilizer; 2. Great Modification of pruning ; 3. Strong Bending of Branches; and 4. Non-Environmental Pollution.

(2) The main working steps: the company, village and growers work cooperatively; the production and management are controlled by 5 integrations; 1. the County Apple Administration is the key controller; Apple Research Center and San Lian Company are in charge of technology; 2. The Apple Research Center makes technical specification and make s s ure that all the technology is properly used; 3. San Lian Company is in charge of all the orchard supplies and County Apple Administration provides bonus to the growers; 4. The integrated production record s s ystem i s s et up to make sure the non-environmental technology is used; 5. The San Lian Company is the seller for all the products.

(3) Income. The orchard harvested 2400 kilogram per mu, 7,200 Yuan per mu in 2003; and 2200 kilogram per mu, 7000 Yuan per mu in 2004.

July 19, 2005

1 US Dollar = 8.27 Yuan (RMB Chinese Dollar)

1 MU = 0.1647 Acre (1 acre almost equals to 6 mu; or 6 Mu equals to 0.9882 Acre)


A brief Introduction to apple Sci-Tech demonstration Orchard, yong-xiang Branch of yanan Apple Tree Experimental Farm

As a provinial apple demonstration orchard, yanan Apple Tree Experimental Farm cover an area of over 1,000mu. 750mu is used for apple production.  The Deomnstration Orchard of Yongxiang Branch covers an area of 200mu, with 130mu for Red Fuji, 20mu for Gala, 50mu for Star Criomson.

In recent years, we have widely impleented the operation procedures of the organic food apple production technology and fourkey techniques including Great Modification of Pruning System strong Bending of Branches, Eective Fertilization and Non-Environ mental Pollution.  By doing these, the good fruit ratio and yield per mu exceed 85% and 2,000kg respectively.  In January 2003, our products passed the certification by China Organic Food Development Center. A series of measers have been taken in the apple production management.

First "Great modification of pruning."  It has changed the distance between trees.  System movement has been carried out in winter 2001.  Finally it lowers the density and improve the light conditions.

Secondly, more organic fertilizers are used to increase the organic nutrition in soil.  In the past two years, we have planted 200mu of grass in the orchard.  Meanwhile, fertilizers such as stalk and measures from hens, pigs, and sheep were purchased.  Among per mu has exceded 5,000kg.  The use of chemical fertilizers was reduced at the same time.

Third, integted disease and pest control has been implemented Pesticides are used more scientifically, and all the fruits are being bagged.  All the apples are of safety.

Finally, techniques such as leaf-removing and fruit-rotion, the use of refleatreized films and timely harvesting, have been adopted to improve the apple quality.


A Brief Introduction to Fangxiang Village Apple Sci-Tech Demonstration Orchard in Huangzhang Town, Luochuan County

Fangxiang Village Apple sci-Tech Demonstration Orchard was established in 1996, and covers an area of 249mu.  With Red Fuji as its staple product, its yield per mu has reached 2,500kg and the good fruit ratio is 70%.  Its products passed the Organic Food Certification in January 2003 and the certification by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) in 2004.  This demonstration orchard is a concentrated display of the integrated effect of standardized apple management technology, and has broken a new path for the country's organic fruit production.

Firstly, standardized production management has been successfully implemented.  Through the strict implementation of mechansims such as the technical training of fruit growers, management of production technology, monitoring and control of diseases and pests, registration of use of pesticides and fertilizer, and management of production archives, effective control of all the steps in the production has been realized, and this has pimproved the fruit quality and security level greatly.

Secondly, five items, namely "fruit, livestock, marsh gas pool, water and grass," have been successfully integrated in the orchard.  By planting grass, building marsh gas pool and raising livestock in the orchard, its ecological environment has been effectively regulled and organic fruit has been produced.

Finally, integrated disease and pest control has been implemented.  The product quality and secruity have been garunteed by proper use of pesticides and the standardized control procedure.  The latter covers such a selection of recipes, purchase of pesticides, time determination and farming machine.


Introduction of luochuan apple

Luochuan apple is a famous product, which has been bred and cultivated in weibei loss plateau, one of two advantaged apple production areas in China for more than half a century.  Luochuan apple is famous for its nice shape, beautiful color, sterling taste, safety prduction and good for storage and transportation.  It is recognized and welcomed by consumers at home and abroad.

Luochuan county is located between 35°21'09" - 36°04'12" of lattitude and 109°18'14" - 109°45'47" of longitude, with a total are of 1804.8km2 and population of 204,000.  It covers a total cultivated land of 630,000mu, in which apple production area is 500,000mu.

Experts from home and abroad recognize Luochuan loss plateau as most suitable area for apple production of the world.  It belongs to warm half humid continental monsoon climate, with no hotness in summer and less coldness in winter, it has advantaged natural resources for apple.  There are wide flat land area of loosen and fertil soil, the deepmenss of soil is 80 - 200 meters, the average altitude is 1,100 meters yearly average sunlight is 2,552 hours which is 56% of sunshine rate, non frost period is 167 days, annual average rainfall is 9.2°C, and daily temperture difference is 15.7°C.

Luochuan has won 160 awards from nation and province, and it had been identified as symbol fruit for eleventh Asian games and the 21st world academician games.

Luochuan is the birth place of Shanbei apple, the total apple production area has reached 500,000mu, the major varieties are Fuji, Gala, Qianqiu, Jingqing, and Meiba, the total anual output has reached 350,000 tons and more than 500million yuanRMB.  The income from apple production is 80% of agricultural income and farmers net income respectively as well.

By the opportunities the China entered WTO and international trade growing, the industrialization of Luochuan apple production has been greatly developed.  The standardized and safety production has been carried out, total 220,000mu has passed national certification.  The storage capcity has reached 130,000 tons, there are total 36 companies and factories of fruits processing and related industry.  Recently the market network has been established which covers total 28 provinces and cities in China and southeast Asia, Europe, and Americas yearly export apple over 40million kg.


Brief Introduction of the High Quality Demonstration Apple Orchard and Brief Introduction of Apple Experimental Orchard were translated by Bao Zhang of Willow Drive Nursery.  Others were handed out while in China and translated by someone from the area.

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